Christopher Pittman Punishment

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Children make irresponsible choices at a young age, which leads them to major problems. Children are easily influenced by peers. Children also do not have a fully developed mind and some don't understand punishments or consequences they may earn. At a young age a child may repeat they see on television. Crimes made by adolescents should not be used against them. Children’s brains are only fully developed when they reach the teenage stage. With adults who don't look after their Kids there would be more crimes from kids that are violent. Therefore, children who commit violent crimes should not be sentenced as an adult. This is necessary because some adults would not think it is fair for kids who commit the same crime they did. In addition,…show more content…
( On February 15 Christopher Pittman was convicted in Chester county South Carolina of the November 2001 for the murder of his grandparents. Defendant Christopher Pittman now 15 was only 12 years old at the time he was sentenced as an adult. After an eleven day trial, he was convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to thirty years in prison the minimum sentence. While the defense presented some compelling evidence that the antidepressant drug may have influence Christopher Pittman behavior as a child, children go through a lot when sentenced as an adult. The effect society has on kids who isn't sentenced as an adult is it make crime worse. Schools would have more problems because it will be bad school behavior and truancy. Also, society would be in danger. kids would become more responsible if they're not sentence as an adult it will hold them to a higher standard. people would also try to help the kids who make poor choices again. the effect on society have on kids who isn't sentences as an adult would make crime get worse. kids would know what's right from

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