Post Revisionist Approach In The Cold War Essay

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INTRODUCTION The term ‘Cold War’ was first used in 1945. George Orwell was the first to use this term to explain the undeclared state of war between the two very powerful blocs, The United States of America and the Soviet Union. Cold War was a political and military tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. They wanted to dominate the world according to their system. The United States bloc believed that the world economic system should be a capitalist one and the political system should be democratic whereas the Soviet bloc was known for its Communist system, they believed that the world economy should follow a communist system and should have state owned properties as against the Capitalist system, which according to them would…show more content…
This approach can be taken into account while studying the history of Cold War as it tells us about the faults of both the sides. It gives us a borderline between the national and international spheres which was very important as it tells us how both the blocs/systems behaved in the world during the Cold War, be it democratic or totalitarian. This approach had an important feature which was the art of blaming as well as praising both the blocs for the decisions made by them and also the various personalities that emerged on the part of both the blocs during the Cold War. This approach being more ‘multi-archival’ and multi-disciplinary. A supporter of this approach, Melvyn Leffler has also said that the Cold War was caused mainly because of the United States and the Soviet Union was just defending itself against the actions of the United States. If he is a supporter of the Post-Revisionist approach, he is seen as taking the side of the Soviet Union. Also the historians here have mostly stressed on the fact that we have to understand the mentality of the policy makers and their policy of national security and have rejected the ideology of the historians of the Traditional and the Revisionist

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