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Roosevelt’s massage to Churchill, “I think I can personally handle Stalin better than either your Foreign Office or my State Department.” 18 March 1942. The value of this source’s origin is that, it is a primary source raised by the American president, Roosevelt who is the representative of the American States that the time. Also since it is a message to Churchill personally, it shows the true feeling from Roosevelt. However it could also be argued that since it is a message from the president to a prime minister, it could be argued that the content might be too politically correct. The value of this massege’s purpose is to tell Churchill that Roosevelt could establish close personal relations with Stalin and could negotiate with Stalin better…show more content…
The limitation of this source’s origin is that, what Truman said that caused Molotov said “I have never been talked to like that before in my life.” was not clear. The value of this event’s purpose is that it showed the bad attitude from Truman toward a high statue Soviet minister, and it also proved that Truman was not diplomatic. However the limitation of this event’s purpose is this did not directly link to any physical future attempts. Source D…show more content…
Roosevelt was more diplomatic in the way and often thought about the international security and peace . He tried his best to minimize the “soviet problem” by not giving the impression that Churchill and himself were closer . However, Truman was the completely opposite, it could be shown in the meeting on April 23rd 1945 , mentioned in Source C, where Truman spoke angrily and requested them to follow the promises that was agreed during the Yalta conference . For this reason, he had received many blames of not being diplomatic enough, including criticisms from the Roosevelt administration team . However Truman only served as vice president for 82 days and only conferenced with Roosevelt twice , clearly he could not know how to deal with the problems with the Soviet Union could be a valid argument for the new

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