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First of all, Henry Ford built the Model T which was the first automobile affordable for general American. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the price of automobiles was so expensive that only the rich were afford to pay. Having the volition to make every person able to buy an automobile, Ford designed the Model T and sold it in 1908. What made Model T different from other cars was its simple but strong structure. Ford discovered vanadium alloy which was a light but strong metal in a ruined French car at the car race in Florida. In order to produce this kind of steel, Ford hired an expert to help him build a steel factory. In addition, the most important thing was that Model T was less expensive than other cars at that time. As a result, the Model T caused a sensation. Henry Ford also realized that he has to lower the prices in order to increase the demand from customers.…show more content…
Mass production included the usage of, interchangeable parts, and assembly lines. Making interchangeable parts, which meant making every pieces of the car the same every time, improved the efficiency because every worker was only responsible for a simple step to assemble one part of the car (Econedlink). Using interchangeable parts with assembly line, the effect of increasing the work efficiency was even more significant. Assembly line was a technique in which different kinds of processes were performed along a conveyor belt. In 1913, Ford set up the first assembly line in his factory, and he divided the Model T’s assembly into 48 steps. Each worker was trained for doing only one part. This technique reduced the time required to build a car from more than 12 hours to only two hours and 30 minutes (“Ford’s Assembly Line Starts Rolling”). This showed the productivity was well advanced which had been Ford’s

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