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Cheyanne Kampa Chitwood Music 5 12 May 2015 Country Music Research Essay My name is Cheyanne Kampa, and I am doing my research paper on country music, and a few of my favorite artists. Country music stands for a lot of good things, and it has a lot of meaning behind it. Many country songs talk about little cute stories. The instruments that are used in country music are what gives it that atmosphere many people enjoy such as the guitar and drums. The electric guitar has evolved into country music. Country music came out of Bristol, Tennessee. Come to find out Bristol is actually on the Tennessee and Virginia border. Most country music is produced out of Nashville, Tennessee. Once a country music artist or someone trying…show more content…
She is a very popular country music artist, she is such a great person outside of just being a singer. I love what she stands for, and unlike a lot of other singers the fame did not change her. She is a very humble person, and she is close to God. According to Underwood was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma. According to her website ( She was born and raised on a farm and she stated, “I had a very happy childhood full of wonderful simple things that children love to do.” (Carrie Underwood) Underwood also stated on her website, “Growing up in the country, I enjoyed things like playing on dirt roads, climbing trees, catching little woodland creatures, and of course singing.” (Underwood). According to Underwood put her singing dreams aside and decided to attend Northern State University to get a degree in broadcast journalism. During her senior year in college she auditioned for American Idol. Carries Underwood won over a lot of hearts in the year 2005 by becoming the American Idol winner, and right after American Idol he career turned into a very successful one winning a lot of Grammy, Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music awards according to Underwood’s debut album “Some Hearts” (2005) became a certified triple platinum, and it was also the fastest selling female country album since 1991 according to The…show more content…
All of these artists stand for good thing. I found out a lot about my favorite artists that I did not know before. After doing this research I am glad chose country music as my topic. Everybody goes through tough things even these famous artists, so it is nice to find out about their lives a little bit, and maybe some people can relate. These four artists that I talked about are some of the top country music

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