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Boom America: The Story of Us is an extremely valuable part of history. Boom: The Story of Us is presented by giving an overview of how oil, mobiles, and growth- of the city helped the population entirely by shaping of the U.S. This resourceful movie makes you feel as if you are in the 1900’s. In addition, throughout the movie as cities grow, more new opportunities and new challenges come along. For instance, how one of the engineers named William Mulholland: Irish immigrant diverted water to hundreds of miles across a desert to quench sprawling Los Angeles’ thirst. The video is extremely informative and features many speakers like; Wikipedia co-founder (Jimmy Wales), chief creative officer from Pixar/ Disney (John Lasseter), and an editor…show more content…
Which is very interesting because viewers learn about oil and how oil helped built America, making the Hamill Brothers rich. As the oil industry grew America became mobile. Henry Ford produce an automobile that was affordable and low cost at the same time and changed cities in America, because you did not have to live near work if you own a car. The third information the video gives is how the aqueduct was built from Owens Valley to LA. In which it was completed in 1913. One of the unbelievable moments the video provides were the events that led to the Chicago Race Riot of 1919, in which property owners tried to keep blacks from owning homes in Chicago. Beaches were segregated. In addition, towards the end of the video, the video introduces the dark side of bootlegging, which were Gangsters who protect the illegal trade of alcohol infiltrate cities. Moreover, the video continuously stuns viewers by learning in the 1920’s more people lived in urban areas and in January 16, 1919 the prohibition began with the passage of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The series is a wonderful tribute to the growth of America and its success and informs all types of people of the origins of our

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