Similarities Between 1984 And Today

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The language used in 1984 is very different from the language used today. There are less words that allow people to express themselves and more words describing punishments performed by the ThoughtPolice, the law enforcement in the book. In today’s language, there are more words than ever that can help describe and express themselves and any inhumane punishments performed by law enforcement are immediately exposed by journalists who use a plethora of words to bring this information into the light so that everyone can read it. However, there are some glaring similarities between the Newspeak of fictional 1984 and today’s language. People have started to shorten and abbreviate their colloquial sayings into even shorter sayings. The introduction…show more content…
Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook now let people say whatever they want within 140 characters. There is little to no regulation of what people can or cannot say and this allows people to express themselves in hundreds of different ways. This include speech against the government or any other establishment of any kind. In 1984, any kind of speech against the government, whether verbal, written, or thought could be punishable by the police. Fortunately, this is not possible in today’s time because the right to free speech is one of the most heavily argued and protected right out of them all. There are several different lobbyists and advocates fighting for the right to express themselves however they…show more content…
Texting was the first form of communication besides letters that allowed people to talk to each other without saying a single word. Even though this was and continues to be one of the fastest ways to talk to on another, people still use shorter reductions in texts. Also, texting can be monitored by the government and third party corporations, much like in the fictional world of 1984. Anyone’s text can be ready by almost anyone and that is a harrowing thought for many people. SInce anyone can text however they want and there is no monitor on how accurate the grammar or spelling is of these texts, people will reduce the amount of words or characters anyway they know how. We live in a fast paced time where information is being shared and changed rapidly. People need to get their message out as fast as they can before it becomes obsolete and it doesn’t matter anymore. The citizens of America protect and fight for their right to privacy extensively, yet we share our information publicly several times

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