Thermoelectric Refrigeration System Analysis

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Performances analysis of Thermoelectric refrigeration system Siraj Y.Sayyad1, Amay D.Meshram2, Abhijit G.Naik3,, 1,2,3 Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering at PIET Nagpur ABSTRACT Abstract—From many years for preservation of farm products, dairy products, foods, meats and Industrial products everyone utilizing various refrigeration systems base on various principles and cycles. The basic principle behind refrigeration is simple to bring the temperature of body kept lower than that of the atmospheric temperature. In general from various refrigeration techniques such as Vapour compression refrigeration system, vapour absorption refrigeration system, adsorption refrigeration…show more content…
It can adopt many of modification as per the requirement of the world’s benefits and for better coefficient of performance of the system. But it has some disadvantages such as on and off cycle of the compressor, this also fluctuate the temperature in the freezer compartment which may directly affect the quality of the products which required the constant lower temperature such like meat and medicines. In this situation the Thermoelectric is the better option for the preservation of such products, which can be easily generated the constant lower…show more content…
the result which obtained demonstrate that, it is able to maintain a thermal drop of 190C [3]. The heat dissipation method applied in this refrigerator consist of thermoelectric devices, each composed of a peltier module 50w, with a two phase and natural convection thermosyphon and a two phase capillary lift thermosyphon, in contact with the cold side [3]. It had been observed that, by including the developed thermosyphons, there were increased of 66% in the COP of the thermoelectric refrigerator with respect to the fan cooled thermoelectric

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