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Title - Space Junk, its Causes, Effects and Solutions Objectives • To study the causes of space junk and to classify it into different types • To study the consequences of accumulation of space junk in regards to environment and humans • To provide effective viable solutions to the growing space junk problem What is space junk? Space junk is accumulation of inoperative, obsolete or non-functioning man-made objects in the earth’s orbit. These objects include old artificial satellites, waste generated from artificial satellite collisions and spent rocket stages, etc. Space junk is also known as space debris, space litter, space trash or space waste. These bits of space debris can be harmful to other working satellites and space crafts. Satellites are also machines prone to wear and tear. They eventually die and need to be disposed of. The method of disposal depends on the altitude of the satellite. For closer satellites, they are sent down to the inner atmosphere where they burn up.…show more content…
This is also known as sandblasting. Solar panels which are the source of power on all major man-made space objects are especially under risk of sandblasting. Then there are also direct collisions with larger debris which render the satellites in-operational. The biggest risk by far is the Kessler Syndrome[3] (Kessler & Cour-Palais, 1978). The Kessler Syndrome or the Kessler effect proposed by the NASA scientist Donald J.Kessler is an event in which the density of the space junk increases so much (reaches a critical density) that a single collision would lead to a chain reaction of collisions with each subsequent collision increasing space debris and with it, the likelihood of further collisions. The consequence of this would be that satellite capability of mankind in specific orbital ranges would be rendered ineffective for generations. Can we do anything about the growing problem of space

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