Grapes Of Wrath Controversy Analysis

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Perez 1Emmanuel PerezMrs. P. BuentelloEnglish 2 Pre-AP11 December 2015The Grapes of Wrath : Anti-Communism and ControversyIn the novel The Grapes of Wrath it can be seen throughout the story that there is a themeof Inhumanity and Selfishness. The novel showed us how inhumane man can be to its ownkind by describing how land owners created a system where migrant workers were movedaround from camp to camp like animals. Another theme present in the story is the theme ofsuffering, which is present in the whole novel. Steinbeck was able to add descriptive detailsabout the conditions people lived in throughout the U.S in the years of economic depression andenvironmental catastrophe.(Steinbeck)The Grapes of Wrath is one of the many books throughout…show more content…
One suchHigh School was the Greenville South Carolina High School where the book was banned andburned for “using the name of God and Jesus in a vain and profane manner along withinappropriate sexual references”.(ALA) One county that banned the novel was Kern County,California which was where the Joad family ended up in the end of the novel. The board ofsupervisors in the county believed the book downplayed the aid Kern County was giving to themigrant workers in the area. In response to this, many schools in Kern County banned the bookand did not allow it’s students to read or learn about it. Many people in the county then began toburn the novel.(The Christian Science Monitor)Ultimately, the novel The Grapes of Wrath was banned and burned across the countrydue to it involving controversial topics including Communism, Socialism, Migrant Workertreatment, and profane language. The book managed to get it’s infamy due to it’s details overmigrant workers at first but then began to gain more and more infamy as events like “ The RedScare” began to notice the subtle things Steinbeck managed to include in the book overCommunism and Socialism. In its last years of infamy, the novel managed to get negativereception from its use of language in its story and was in effect burned for its second and

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