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IDENTIFICATIONS: Christopher Columbus- Christopher Columbus was an explorer, and a navigator full of ambition and determination. He was born the son of a wool merchant in 1451, in the Republic of Genoa, Italy. Columbus led three ships called the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria which he sailed out into the Atlantic Ocean for his first expedition on August 3, in 1492, where he had a primary goal of discovering a route to India in order to trade spices. Columbus captained about 90 crew members during this first trek. On October 11, in 1492, their crew landed on an island called Guanahani where they approached a colony of Taino Indians. The Indians were held captive and later on sold as slaves. During his second expedition on September 5, in 1493, Columbus sailed with 17 ships, along with 1,200-1,500 men in search of gold and…show more content…
As he continued to go on his treks in the great ocean, he began to take notice in the ocean currents and tides, which resulted in the development of astronomical instruments and trigonometrical tables. This development gave scholars the ability to plot the location of the sun and stars, the ability to be able to replace oarsmen with sails, and bettering the understanding of the wind patterns and ocean currents. He was able to improve the technological and economical ways of this world greatly. Columbus endured many hardships on these treks but managed to still discover land, and other factors that benefitted both the old world and the new world. However, there has been a controversy about whether or not Columbus was a villain, or a hero. Although he improved the technology and economy of this world, he harmed many innocent beings along the way. He enslaved Indians whom did no harm towards him or his people, and he slaughtered numerous amounts lives. His discoveries and expeditions have benefitted our modern day world immensely, but was it really worth it looking back on all

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