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Sports in school have been debated over for a long time. The question that people always ask is, should sports stay in school? Many people believe sports should stay in school, but they shouldn’t. Sports should not stay in school because they cost a lot financially, they impacts many families, and it would help out academics. One reason Sports shouldn’t stay in school because they cost a lot financially. It cost some districts over $20,000 just to go to sport events. From the article, Hello Budget Cuts, Goodbye Sports: The Threat to Athletics Notes, it states that "The fees to attend these tournaments can get as high as $20,000 for popular sports like football." Also, it cost a bit less to fund for academics than for sports. According to…show more content…
Sports take away from time that should be spent with families. In the article, There’s No Off in This Season, mother Deborah Costolloe said, "The coach required attendance at practice six days a week, including holidays”, “It wasn’t just summer vacation, it was the complete inability to go away for a single weekend during the entire school year without significant consequences,”. Children are out for holidays in some states which should be their own personal time with their families. From the same article, it quotes, "Recently, I spoke with the patriarch of a large family who spent a year arranging a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with his children and grandchildren. The families coordinated schedules, booked plane tickets and paid for hotels, then my friend’s 15-year-old granddaughter was told there were mandatory soccer tryouts at her Manhattan school; if she didn’t show up she wouldn’t be eligible. She skipped the trip (and still didn’t make the team)." The family probably spent so much money for something fo their child, although they were not able to do it. Also, sports take away from important things needed to do for the child. From the same article, Deborah Costolloe said, “If you need to go to the doctor, you need to plan that during class time, because if you miss practice you are off the team.” The child need to do those essential things and taking time from school just…show more content…
People who think sports should stay in school say that sports in school help academics because it encourages to get to grades up so they can stay in it. The article, Eliminating Middle School Sports Leaves Student-Athletes Fewer Places to Play, Pokrivsak, a 1984 graduate of Easton Area High said, "Those tender ages of 11 to 15 are so influential," he says. "It's very important to have those kids be active and involved in their school, to take pride in what they're there for, because it leads to less vandalism and truancy. Between 3 and 6 p.m. is one of the main times that kids get in trouble. If they're involved in after-school activities, they're doing something positive. They're with us into the evening, and then they go home and hopefully get schoolwork done, because they need good grades in order to play. It just helps your whole school's atmosphere by having a good middle school athletic program. That quote is however not completely true. l In the article, The Case Against High School Sports, the author Amanda Ripley interviewed a boy named Nathan, which she stated "Nathan missed the adrenaline rush of running out onto the field and the sense of purpose he got from the sport. But he began playing flag football for a club team on the weekends, and he admitted to one advantage during the week: “It did make you focus. There was just all this extra time. You never got behind on your

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