Christopher Columbus Summary

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The title of the book I read is Christopher Columbus. An amazing author who was named David A. Adler wrote it. It was published in the year of 1991. The publisher was Scholastic. The story was stating about his life. He was born to a family of weavers. Christopher and his friends always looked at the sea and wanted to be sailors when they were younger. When Christopher was younger he would take short trips on the sea. He became a sailor when he got older. At the age of 25, he sailed a group of ships headed for England. French pirates attacked and Columbus was injured. He grabbed some floating wood and made his way a shore. He came upon an island of Lagos Portugal. He stayed there until he was well. He then went where his brother lived…show more content…
Christopher knew at this time that the Earth was round. He didn’t realize how big it was. He asked King John II for three ships to take the voyage. The king refused his request. Christopher’s wife died, he moved to Spain. He then married Beatriz Enriquez de Hanna. They had a son named Fernando. Christopher asked the King and Queen of Spain to support his voyage. They did refuse to support at that time. In 1492, the King and Queen finally agreed to help him. They sent him on his voyage with three ships. The ships were the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. The King and Queen gave him ninety men. In the first week of October, Christopher and his men saw a sign of land. This land was south east of Florida. Christopher and his men sailed ashore and put a flag in the ground of the land. He left people there with the Native American Indians. He did not realize that he discovered the New America. Christopher Columbus had four other voyages after discovering America. The purpose of writing this book was to explain the life of our first pioneer who discovered America. The illustrations of this book were amazing. I give credit to the illustrator of this
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