Greed In Maleficent By Disney Pixar

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Disney-Pixar conveyed many life lessons or themes in the movie Maleficent; this movie teaches that greed can overcome you. According to the movie, Maleficent met Stephen in a cavern trying to steal a gem. And as they got older they became good friends, and on Maleficent’s sixteenth birthday, they kissed. But Stephen wanted to be King so bad that he that he cut off Maleficent’s wings and returned to the King with the wings; soon he became King. This supports the theme because he became greedy and wanted to be King. And the only way he could do that is to do a task of bravery, so he took Maleficent’s wings and became King. Then he never saw Maleficent again ever since and that made her mad. And he didn’t even think if that would affect their friendship.…show more content…
Another example found in the movie shows that after Maleficent realizes that she lost her wings, she heard that King Stephen and his wife had a baby. And when she got to the castle, she casted a spell on the baby and said that “on the stroke of her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spinner of a spinning wheel, and no power on earth can change it, unless by true love's kiss.” This also supports the theme because it shows that Maleficent was so greedy about losing her wings that she became so evil and even casted a spell on a baby. And she made all of the innocent creatures of the forest bow down to her and she declared herself Queen. And she lost everything and everyone that loved

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