Why They Came Before Columbus

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They Came Before Columbus In the published work “They Came Before Columbus,” by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, many once hidden truths concerning African-Americans, and their contributions to the modern-day world are brought to the forefront. Dr. Sertima was born in a British colony, and started writing poetry at a very early age. He then went on to attend the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), at the University of London, and then immigrated to the United States. He then entered Rutgers University in New Jersey to complete graduate studies and work. His most famed book, “They Came before Columbus,” was published in 1976. Dr. Sertima narrated a lecture given at Camden Town Hall, London, in 1986. In this lecture, he not only addressed the biased, and in some cases, false point of view on the “history” of the United States of America, but the history of other countries as well. In the beginning of his lecture, Dr. Sertima began to speak on how he knew for a fact, that Africans were in America before Columbus, and even Native Americans before them. His writings revealed that Africans came to America as masters, before they ever came as slaves.…show more content…
Dr. Sertima also stated that the Portuguese were fully aware that Africans were headed to the west in search of trade. Portuguese were fully aware of African navigation. Christopher Columbus, as well as his brother Bartholomew, both married Portuguese women. Navigational evidence shows that if a voyager is caught in one of the three different currents off of the coast of Africa, they will automatically be taken to the Americas, whether than plan to or not. Dr. Sertima also has evidence that African-Americans were here before Christ himself. The evidence that has been found, can prove this statement without the shadow of a

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