How Has The World Changed Over Time Essay

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• 12th and 15th centuries was when materials such as spices, ivory, carpets, silk, gold and other foreign items came from Persia, Asia, Africa and India which were then taken into Europe using the Mediterranean trade routes. • Black Death arose in the mid 14th century. Many Europeans suffered a major epidemic of bubonic plague. This had decreased the population tremendously. • People began to worship the supernatural so that they were protected from calamity. Portuguese Exploration • 2% of the population was Christian Europe. Portugal had given more attention to the geographic exploration from 1415 to 1460 than any other European countries all together. • Portugal worked together with Spain in the Reconquest. The expanded lands were called ‘heathen lands’. In 1415 Portuguese power had conquered Ceuta, which was the Muslim bastion at the tip of the Strait of Gibraltar. This had blocked Portugal’s pathway to the Atlantic coast of Africa. • Prince Henry known as the navigator…show more content…
They spread all over Tenochtitlan to search for treasure. • Francisco Pizarro got the best prize out of all. He was the one to conquer the Incan empire of Peru. The Incas had a lot that they controlled, over nine million people from the western coast of South America to two thousands miles down was all under their territory. Florida and New Mexico Outposts done by Spanish • Pedro Menendez de Aviles was sent by the Spanish king to create more settlements on the edges of the Atlantic coast in North America. He founded St. Augustine now Florida. It had a population of around 500. • About 1600 miles west there was a new outpost modern day New Mexico, in 1598. Founded by Juan de Onate who led an expedition of 500. • 2 months into his journey from Mexico, Onate and his troops arrived at todays Albuquerque and Santa Fe. He sent people to search for treasures thinking they were somewhere

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