'Satire In Spike Lee's Chiraq'

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Spike Lee’s substantial satire, which is driven full of messages caused a lot of criticism before and after its release. The significant part of this movie, which can be accounted as marketing mechanism, is its title. The term Chiraq has been lurking around in the media and rap music for couple of years now. As I searched for its origins, I surfed Google and found that urban dictionary has published the meaning of a term in February 13, 2012. The urban dictionary defines Chiraq as slang term of Chicago, due to its violence and killing. It is sad but true that part of the city is at war zone similarly to Iraq. The gang lifestyle is traumatizing south side of Chicago. That is the main reason why mayor and people of Chicago criticized and protested the movie. However, if one knows Spike Lee, then it should not be surprising that this is another witty controversial film in his portfolio. Most of the people know that Spike Lee likes to take serious subjects and turn them into an anecdotal tale.…show more content…
Once, the Amazon released a first trailer for Lee’s Chiraq on November 3, 2015, it caught a huge flag. People watched the trailer and right away criticized Lee for using humor on topic such as gang violence. I have not seen a movie yet, so I am strictly speaking from a trailer point of view. However, before I get to the actual trailer, I would like to share that the Greek play, Lysistrata inspired the actual plot of the film. Aristophanes wrote the play in 411 BCE, the piece is about a female who is on a task to end the war by withholding sex from their husbands in means of driving them to come to peace. Chi-raq has exact same plot and it exhibits all types of storytelling, starting from characters speaking directly to the viewer and utilizing rap lines while communicating with each

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