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80’s Music and Its Influence Today Turn on any radio station today and you’re bound to hear a song from the 80’s. You’re also bound to hear a popular song that may even have and 80’s feel to it. Music in the 80’s made a big splash on society. It had this energetic feel to it that people loved. About forty years have past, nearly half a century, and the music of the 80s has still not died out. Instead, 80’s music is not only still listened to and played on the radio today, but it also influences some of the most popular artists today and the way they produce their music. The 80’s had some of the most influential artists. According to the National Geographic, the 80s were a decade that made America. It was a time about redefining the American…show more content…
Summing U2 in one word would have to be “cool”. They were one of the coolest bands during the 80s. They’ve sold a millions of records, and have been the number one live act for a few decades. They were also elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility, and are basically globally unavoidable. U2 is an Irish rock band that consists of four members; Paul Hewson, Larry Mullen, Dave Evans, and Adam Clayton. The four met while attending high school at Mount Temple. When they started out, they were all about fifteen years old. Larry Mullen was the one who started the band when in 1976 he posted a flyer in the school asking if anyone wanted to start a band. Since then their lives would be changed forever. They started to gain attention with their second album. Their second album was called War. War was a commercial success and gained them American popularity. They had hit singles, lots of airtime on radios, and a popular video on the new music channel MTV, which was big in the 80s. U2 used their success for good. Though they didn’t have as much number one singles as Michael Jackson or Madonna, they certainly had a major impact on pop music and pop culture as well. U2 used their fame and called attention towards trouble going on around the globe during that time. Until U2 came along, overtly Christian acts were dismissed as cheesy or too preachy by many mainstream rock fans. However, from the start, U2’s three Christian members…show more content…
He really captured his audience on the video screen. He was the first great televisual entertainer. From his Jackson 5 childhood, to his adulthood into popular music, Michael Jackson lived and died for on TV. Jackson didn't just grow up with TV, he grew up on it. He was a child-stardom, and a major star from the very beginning. The result, as typified by the videos for "Thriller," "Billie Jean," and "Beat It," was new art form which is what got people interested in his music. Jackson, in a sense, created the music video. It was cinematic, but not a movie. There were elements of live performance, but it was nothing like a concert. He brought acting and music together as one, and formed it into a miniature movie. One of the most famous Michael Jackson songs that shaped this decade was “Thriller”. Thriller was one of the few music videos that was around in all of music, and when it was released for the first time on TV, it revolutionized the music industry. The music video was fourteen minutes long video and was watched by people all over. It was an instant hit. Its popularity inspired many people to reenact its number in their own interpretive way and is still being performed today by all of the Michael Jackson fans around the world. After its release, Michael continued to make Music videos that became some of the most watched videos during the 80’s. His innovative creations are what influenced song artists today. Today, artists

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