Uncontrollable Anger In Christopher Marlowe

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In an online article entitled Medical News Today it is mentioned that Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion.However, when it gets out of control it can become destructive. Uncontrollable anger can lead to serious problems in personal relationships, and may undermine the individual's overall quality of life.Although Freud seeks to distinguish mourning and melancholia he offers a portrait of melancholia that continually blurs into his view of mourning. He begins his description for instance, by remarking that mourning may be a "reaction to the loss of a loved person, or to the loss of some abstraction that has taken the place of one, such as one's country, liberty, an ideal, and so on" (243). Christopher Marlowe was born in 1564 in Canterbury, England. The son of a shoemaker, Marlowe attended King's School.During his years at university, Marlowe was writing short plays and literary works that suggested works that suggested an early interest in drama. Marlowe had written his four major…show more content…
It is a tragedy in the sense that the main character is killed in the end, trying to revenge himself on his enemies. He has his reasons for wanting to take justice into his own hands. Barabas is the main avenger, but many of the characters are motivated by revenge.After he has lost his money to Ferneze, he swears to revenge himself on the Governor: “I am not of the tribe of Levi, I,/ That can so soon forget an injury” (II,iii, ll. 18-19). He contrives to get Lodowick and Mathias, once best friends, into a quarrel of revenge over Abigail, killing both to the desolation of Ferneze, for Lodowick was his son. Barabas teaches his slave, Ithamore, the trade of revenge: “First, be thou void of these affections,/ Compassion, love, vain hope, and heartless fear;/ Be mov'd at nothing, see thou pity none,/ But to thyself smile when the Christians moan” (II,iii, ll.

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