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“Neither electricity nor computing; not even television. What really changed the course of the 20th century was ammonia” (“Ammonia”). This is the pronouncement of a group of scientists that are reveling the creation of the process that synthesizes ammonia, a compound with 3 atoms of hydrogen and one of nitrogen. B. Amidst the bloodshed in the early nineteenth century, Fritz Haber, the genius behind the ammonia stimulating Haber Process, undoubtedly impacted the world beneficially rather than devastated the world and it’s moral. C. The Haber Process clearly influenced the world positively because it was a critical breakthrough for science, caused more lives than deaths, and is used to make beneficial things. D. Many processes have been developed…show more content…
The process uses the very scientific method of Le Chatelier’s Principal as the basis of the experimentation. The process produces ammonia at a fast rate that is later reduced into ammonia for the synthetic fertilizer. Very high pressure and temperature is required to develop the ammonia. The amazing thing about the process is that every time gas passes through the reactor only about 15% is converted into ammonia. But the special part is that the process uses a recycling pattern so that he overall conversion is 98% (Clark). The Haber Process was an amazing solution to Germany’s problem in World War I, but this scientific process has gave more to the world than just…show more content…
The reason that the Haber Process was so innovative is because it was able to extract these simple molecules from the air that is breathed every day. The Haber Process is the first process that took nitrogen from the air and hydrogen from natural gas, and converted them into a more complex molecule. Fritz Haber had this very revolutionary idea to take from a natural resource, the air, and transform that into another substance that is needed (“Nitrogen Fertilizer from the Air”). Haber’s Process was so revolutionary that he won a Nobel Prize in 1918 for his masterpiece (Schmidhuber). Not only did Haber win a Nobel Prize, but Carl Bosch the man who utilized the process in factories received on as well (“Carl Bosch”). Nobel Prizes are only given to people who influence the world in an amazing way, and the men behind the Haber Process won two in total. For one invention to have two Nobel Prizes is an amazing feat, and also shows how truly innovative the Haber Process really

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