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C.S. Lewis’s life overflowed with exordinary experiences allowing him to make an impact on literature. Adventure filled his childhood as he fell in love with writing. As time passed he endured many hardships which influenced and shaped him. Lewis’s literature, changed the lives of his readers unleashing their imagination. In addition to children’s literature, C.S. Lewis wrote essays, theology books, apologetics, and many other types of books, many of which were inspired by his Christian faith. Lewis’s work is timeless, enjoyed by countless people today. The journey though Lewis’s life is inspiring and his work lives on. C.S. Lewis, also known as Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast England. Due to poor living conditions and various out…show more content…
He began with the third and most popular book, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. When he shared his carefully crafted book with his friend all he received in return was negative comments on how the book was a failure. Even his publisher was sketiple about printing the book and suggested it be in a series verses being a novel (313). From there C.S. Lewis wrote Drawn into Narnia and Prince Caspian. He diligently continued to work on the mystical Narnia series for six years after the first book was published. Some of the titles of the books in this collection have changed but the magic the books present to the reader has stayed the same. Society was unsure how to respond to these books, many people did not believe children should waste time reading fantasies, instead they should be preparing for their future. Despite a season of negative reviews the series became popular. The Narnia series has values, theology, lessons, and creativity woven into each story. Children are transported to a magical land were they encounter a lot of action. The series reflect various Bible stories. For example, The Magician’s Nephew reflects the creation story found in Genesis. Lewis wanted to introduce children to Christ; he wanted his stories to be the foundation of their faith. Not only has the series made the best sellers list but C.S. Lewis also received awards. No books have measured up to the…show more content…
Lewis married a close friend, Joy Davidman in his 50’s. They remained married until Cancer took her life, three short years after they were married. Once again grief consumed Lewis. Life went on, after the passing of his beloved wife Joy, although it should have paused. Joy inspired Lewis to write four novels in her memory. Lewis craved time with his friends, depending on them more and spending his free time with them. C.S. Lewis continued his career at Cambridge (397). In June of 1961 Lewis begin to feel ill, which he later learned was because of an enlarged prostate (400). Though most would have undergone surgery, Lewis was in no condition to go to the operating room. From there various health complications invaded his life one by one. His faith, sense of humor, memory of Joy, and his writing sustained him over the course of the following months. November 22, 1963 C.S. Lewis passed away with his best friend and brother only feet away. He was sixty five years old and

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