A Literary Analysis Of Ligeia's Liigeia

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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the best know writers for using inner beauty to capture the reader's attention. In over three-fourths of his stories he shows the reader how supernatural beauty can last for a life time, and the moral of the story will be remembered for eternity. Poe wants his readers to enjoy his well thought out stories and poems in just one sitting. "Poe’s critic, George E. Woodberry, one of the earliest and most reliable of them, says “Ligeia” forms the “richest” of Poe’s imaginative work, and marks “the highest reach of the romantic element” in his genius" (A Misreading of Poe’s ‘Ligeia’). In Edgar Allan Poe's short story "Ligeia", Poe chooses to capture the attention to the supernatural beauty of Ligeia thought the power of her appearance, grace, and eyes.…show more content…
When one thinks of classical beauty, they think of Rowena, fair hair and blue eyes. Ligeia is the opposite. She is taller than Rowena. She has long brown curly hair. The narrator gives the quote to describe Ligeia, "There is no exquisite beauty" (645). Legeia's beauty go with the story very well, a more Gothic romantic look and theme to her importance. She is the narrator's true love. And no matter how beautiful Rowena's classical beauty can be, no one can replace his Ligeia. Ligeia's grace is represented as a shadow. The narrator stresses on how "she came and departed like a shadow" (645). She did not make aware of her entrance. After she dies her shadow becomes even more important. As Lady Rowena is hearing sounds or haunting in the abbey. Then even if the narrator was on opium he indicates he saw "a faint, indefinite shadow upon the golden carpet" (651). Poe uses the clue that the sounds and shadow seen were in fact Lady Ligeia as she waited to come back to

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