Hip Hop's Influence On American Culture

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Hip Hop is much more than just a genre of music it’s a culture. Hip Hop defines a movement in which went against the thought process of main stream America. Out of hip hop came many legends such as Tupac and Biggie, who in the 90’s were the voices of their generation. Hip Hop inspired art, dance, fashion, and just simply put a way of life. It’s something that was made by the people for the people. It’s so unique that it can’t be imitated. Fast forward to modern day, hip hop has become in many ways the face of music. The history behind hip hop dates back years before I was born and with time it has grown from the boroughs of New York City to the to an international culture. Hip Hop has four basic elements to it DJing, B-Boying, MCing, and Graffiti; the father of it all is no other than DJ Kool Herc from the Bronx. DJ Kool Herc created a culture that would influence the world in so many ways. He started DJing in the earlier part of the 70’s. DJing was Herc’s passion and he did it because was fun. He describes his rise to fame as the people’s choice. Herc explains that he used to throw parties that people loved and it started catch on. As he continued to DJ, the younger generation decided to put their own spin on Herc’s style. He created…show more content…
The call and response routines from the DJ’s gave birth to the MC’s. Fast forward to the early 80’s, “Rappers Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang was created. It was the first hip hop record to have commercial success. The record went on to become an international hit. This solidified hip hop as a force to be wreck coned with, artists such as Kurtis Blow took it even further. Kurtis Blow became the first solo artist of the hip hop genre to chart in the United States under Rhythm and Blues. Kurtis Blow showed individuals that hip hop could be so much more. Kurtis Blow laid the foundation for many other artists to come (Hoffman, “Rhythm and Blues, Rap, and

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