How Can Immigration Improve Society

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Many cultures have enriched the nation of America over the past hundred years, we’re a nation who accepts and values people. Immigration give the United States an economic edge in the world economy. “National Prejudices” by Oliver Goldsmith depicts different cultural people, are unique to each other, they all make assumptions about other people without really knowing that person, instead of judging name them unique and different people. America is enhanced by the many cultures which inhabit it because immigrants have enriched our culture and added to our productive capacity as a nation, enhancing our influence in the world, they have unique beliefs which improves the American society. Immigration gives the United States an economic edge in…show more content…
Many immigrants do a good job, but their names never get famous but they have done many things, such as in military, air force, scientists, etc. “Once, as a man described the different people of Europe as Dutch were a parcel of avaricious wretches, French a set of flattering sycophants, the Germans were drunken shouts, and beastly gluttons; the Spaniards proud, haughty, and surly tyrants English excelled all the rest of the world” (Goldsmith 33). Goldsmith did not agree with the man and stated that he could not make such a broad statement unless he had made a study of the citizens of each of these countries. In fact, Goldsmith suggested that the Dutch might actually be “frugal and industrious,” the French “temperate and polite,” the Germans hard workers, and agreed that the English have good qualities, they might also be “rash, headstrong, and impetuous; too apt to be elated by prosperity, and to despond in adversity.” Goldsmith argued how these people are hard workers, dignified and deliberate. “All people who work with their hands are partly invisible, and the more important the work they do, the less visible they are” (Orwell 39). The works of the hard workers are invisible because they work from their hearts and forget what they are doing and lost in their businesses. The dark portrayal of the way of life for many people is both shocking and revealing, they don’t have names on graveyards, no identity, as these people live their whole lives constantly working hard and then disappear again without leaving the slightest imprint on the
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