Texas Voting System

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It is interesting that the Texas legislature has passed requiring voters to provide state-issued photo identification in order to cast their vote. I am kind of torn between the ideas of this voting barrier simply because this law has its positives and negatives like everything else. On one hand I can help decrease voter fraud and deter ineligible voters from voting, but on the other hand, this law can be classified as an extreme one and might complicate the voting process. Some argue that this voting barrier is attempting to discourage and intimidate citizens from their fundamental right to vote given to them in the Constitution. There are a number of regulations put in place by the United Sates Constitution and the federal government in…show more content…
Basically this means anyone who is over the age of 18 that meets the voting registration criteria who cast votes for an election. In 2004, during the George W. Bush presidential election, the Texas voter turnout was at 46%, whereas the national average was 54%. Socioeconomic status and age are also huge factors that influence the Texas turnout rate. It is proven that socioeconomics is one of the main contributors when it comes to voting in Texas. Not only does having an education and being knowledgeable about the voting process increase the number of voters, it also improves the voter efficacy because they are knowledgeable about political parties, the candidates running, and the current issues at hand. Age is another component that heavily influences the voting turnout rate in Texas. While older people between the ages of 40-64 have the highest voter turnout rate, younger people between the ages of 18-25 possess the lowest voter turnout rate than any other age group. In the United States Election Project, done by Michael McDonald in 2012, concluded that the voter turnout rate in Texas was a little fewer than 50% percent, whereas he national turnout rate as over 58% (McDonald). This can mostly be explained because of the low percentage of eligible voters, mostly because of socioeconomics, age, and citizenship status. With this being said, the…show more content…
The positive of this law ultimately is that it strengthens the election as a whole. It enhances the public’s view on voting and restores their confidence that the voting system is still effective. It also gives the election integrity. By voters showing a state-issued form of identification, it increases the penalty of voter fraud which deters people away from doing it. On the other hand, it is not specified in the Constitution that a form of identification should be required in order to vote, so it may put a strain on people in certain situations that may not be able to attain a government form of identification from the Department of Motor Vehicles office because of costs or it being too far from where they reside. This can make it seem like the government is attempting to take away citizen’s right to vote that are in these situations or similar ones (Requiring Voters to Present Voter ID). All in all, I feel that this law is perfectly within the binds of the Constitution, and it does not place an additional burden on citizens being that you need some form of identification for other things such as credit card payments, bank accounts, and boarding a plane. If voting was important to an individual, then they will find a way to meet all the requirements necessary in order to do so, even if it means attaining a

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