Homer's The Iliad: Honor And Glory

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The Iliad: Honor and Glory The Iliad’s plot is driven by an honor system embedded in Greek society. In book 6, Andromache begs Hector to stay behind with her in order to keep him safe within the city’s walls. However, Hector cannot stay behind because it would be cowardly of him to not fight amongst his fellow soldiers in the brutal war. Hector embodies the honor code and puts its principles before his own life as exemplified in the passage below: This passage characterizes Hector as a true Greek hero; he displays honor, courage, and strength by choosing to risk his life in the frontlines of battle instead of staying back with his family at home. The intimate conversation between Andromache and Hector allows the reader to understand Hector’s personal struggles at home during the raging war. The passage gives insight into Hector’s judgment and reasoning. His unfortunate situation forces him to choose between being with his…show more content…
While Hector embodies the honor system, Paris embodies a violation of the honor system. Paris does not follow the honor system and as a result loses all respect amongst the Greeks and the Trojans. Hector is loyal and brave while Paris is always looking for a scapegoat despite the fact that he is responsible for starting the war. Paris’s ego leads to the death of many. One can argue that Hector’s ego is what drives him into battle, for he cannot give up the opportunity to earn glory for his family. Nonetheless, Hector’s potential ego problem never results into the beginning of a never ending war or pointless violence. Hector says that he has “learned to be one of the best” and is determined to fight for his city. Paris is a coward who disgraces all of Troy. Hector tries to mend the problems between the Greeks and Trojans by forcing Paris to stand up and fight. However, he is unsuccessful and this failure leads Hector into being the only son who can restore his city’s and his father’s

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