Similarities Between Achilles And Aeneid

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Parallel Lives Aeneas and Achilles In the art of literature, a hero demonstrates the embodiment of the ideals of creating culture. Achilles and Aeneas are both demigods from two great epics encompassing the developing years of Greek and Roman mythology. Aeneas from Virgil’s Aeneid and Achilles from Homer’s Iliad are similar heroes but have portrayals that make them completely different heroes because of different cultural standpoint. Aeneas becomes the new hero as he possess characteristics of a Roman hero: devoted to his family, the gods and his own people, showing less of the heroic traits developed by Homer in the Iliad. Heroes in Homer’s epic follow what is known as the Heroic Code, where men seek recognition and glory on the battlefield by claiming externals like armour or treasures which elevate their kleos (status) as a hero. The story of the two heroes shows how historical events and cultural circumstances shaped the portrayal of the heroes in the works of literature.…show more content…
The two heroes have armour made for them through the help the great blacksmith god Hephaestus. Achilles, however, needs new armour because Hector claims it as arête from the dead body of Patroclus whom he killed, which contributes to the rejoining of Achilles into battle for revenge of his comrade. Both heroes take revenge for the loss of a friend; Aeneas for Pallas and Achilles for Patroclus. Both heroes are a great depiction of their own culture’s ideal hero. Also, both heroes receive divine aid throughout their journey. Achilles is helped by Athena and Thetis, Aeneas by Venus (his mother). Both heroes are ultimately victorious in

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