Banksy: Exit Through The Gift Shop

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The documentary Exit through the Gift Shop, directed by Banksy, is something of a mystery for most. In the late 1990’s, a different practice of graffiti began to take cities by storm around the world. Given the name “street art,” this was another form of expression showcased for everyone to see. These artists used stickers, posters, stencils, and sculpture as part of their effort to explain how they felt about art and the world as we know it. Unusual Frenchman Theirry Guetta, a shop keeper, turned documentary filmmaker was on a mission to record this secretive world. In the beginning, it was a little disappointing when it was known early on that this film was more of a Banksy project more than a film created by Theirry Guetta. We see a hooded…show more content…
Banksy is a street artist who posts his stencils all over Britain and is a mysterious individual with that there isn’t much known about him. By chance, Banksy is on the West Coast in LA, and Shepard Fairey introduces him to Guetta, who has developed the reputation of the man for out-of-town street artists to contact to get everything from supplies to information on the best wall in the city to post illustrations on. The first part of Exit through the Gift Shop is a documentary about street art, as seen through the eyes of Theirry Guetta, and the second part of this film becomes a documentary about how Guetta becomes Mr. Brainwash. Mr. Brainwash becomes the perfect combination for artists like Shepard Fairey, who spent years perfecting his style, and Banksy who is very thoughtful with his projects. Most of these artists spend their time developing their technique and providing meaning behind the work. However, Mr. Brainwash found his style quite rapidly and uses repetition without much thought at all. During interviews taken in the documentary of Mr. Brainwashes art exhibition debut, shows spectators praising the art as being innovative and revolutionary and giving value to the work that clearly doesn’t have value at

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