Dust Bowl Persuasive Speech

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Our history is full of glorious and wonderful achievements, through out the ages we have proven time after time our capability's, with ink and paint we drew our mark, with steel and blood we forged our bare existents on this planet, some of which are so mighty that time itself is straggling to catch up. Beautiful. But, Have we ever wondered?, did we ever really cared to asked, were those all that we know and take for granted comes?, who made it? from what it is made?, and from were was it taken?, or we know the answers, and just ignore them?!. "living is easy with eyes closed", we are deluding our self's from facts and reality gracefully misleading the truth while standing on broken bones and polluted soil. our ignorance brought as to a breach we cannot ignore no more , our destruction & the natural world, exemplified in the loss of the Aral sea, "the great leap" campaign and the dust bowl phenomenon, are only a few from a grand library. if we are to look closely, progress (as we understand), that we are…show more content…
the land around the sea is heavily polluted, the people living in the area suffering from lack of fresh water and extreme health problems and high mortality. one of the planets worst environmental

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