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Triumph of the Pilgrims as Told by William Bradford In the midst of rejection from their home country due to their religious views, a group of noncomplying citizens called the Puritans have to escape their unworthy England and find new haven in order to praise their Lord as they should. William Bradford, one of these so called Puritans, enlightened us about the entire voyage in which he partook to get to the Americas with the (as he first called) Pilgrims and as well as how they settled in the Plymouth Plantation and flourished at Plymouth Rock. Bradford himself had one of the most notable roles in the structuring of the settlement (being that he was elected governor for thirty years in a row) in which today we consider a very important part…show more content…
William Bradford speaks of these difficulties which the Pilgrims had to endure in their mother country of England, where they were mistreated and accused of treason for opposing the Church. He states that “former afflictions were as flea-bitings in comparison of these which now came upon them” (123), yet, they “were the better prepared to bear them by the assistance of God’s grace and spirit” (Bradford, 123). This was written in the first pages of his story. And I believe that he was already showing that the Pilgrims were looking into a future where all of these afflictions that they have experienced were for their greater good and their triumph. They were indeed “the better prepared.” In order for the Pilgrims to continue their religious preaching and praises, they had to escape their mother country, and flee to the “Lower Land” (Holland) where religion was freely chosen. Unfortunately, Bradford indicates to us that after some eleven or twelve years, the remaining group of Pilgrims had to discuss on the decision of either staying or “removing” themselves from Holland due to the fact that the truce between the Netherlands and the Spaniards that was shortly coming to an

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