Odysseus Plea To Achilles

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“When two winds rise on the swarming deep, Boreas and Zephyr, blowing from Thrace in a sudden squall, the startled black waves will crest and tangle the surf with seaweed” (Iliad, IX.5-9). This was the grieving condition of the Greeks at the start of Book IX of the Iliad, The Embassy of Achilles. When Achilles leaves battle in Homer’s Iliad, Agamemnon sends friends of Achilles, Phoenix, Odysseus, and Ajax to convince him to return. As Phoenix and Odysseus try to persuade Achilles to return to the Trojan War, his response is inappropriate because he is overreacting to his conflict with Agamemnon due to his unmanageable rage. Odysseus’ plea to Achilles uses tactics of guilt, bribery, and appealing to his need for glory, but his incessant anger prevents any from working. “Think . . . of the regret you will feel for harm that will prove irreparable,” (IX.252-253) Odysseus said, using guilt first to persuade him. This attempt shows that Odysseus believes in Achilles’ humanity, but his rejection proves that his whims are much more godlike, and that mere mortal feelings cannot sway him. Odysseus also offers a bribe, including Briseis, the original prize…show more content…
This second attempt appeals more to his godlike greed and desire

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