Homeless Youth Homeless

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We need to start working in implementing a program with other charities, in implementing the poor people how to have a star in life without going into the rough path of the underground so we can have a better United State of America and a low crime and less young kids using drugs. By implementing a program that works we can save tax payer money, and the percentage of people going to jail it will be lower. Why the need to go to all this struggle when we can help them? The homeless youth encounter a number of struggles including criminal activities, abuse and mental health issues. These young people become homeless primarily due to family conflict, this is the reason communities need to focus on family intervention such as counseling, reuniting the youth with their family, and after care programs. These strategies could help end youth homelessness. The young people living on the streets often turn to criminal activities such as panhandling, theft, selling drugs and prostitution. Some of these young people turn to a…show more content…
The longer they remain homeless the deeper they get involved with the street life. They will become more likely to be involved in different relationships with their peers. The National Alliance to End Homelessness (n.d.) “homeless youth and young adults are at a pronounced risk for physical abuse, sexual exploitation, mental health disabilities, chemical or alcohol dependency, and death”. The youth trying to survive on the streets probably never feel safe and protected, certainly they have thoughts of the things they have seen happen on the streets since they became homeless. Living on the streets these young people are victimized almost daily and this could possibly cause problems with their mental health. These young people are almost certainly going to be dealing with depression and anger issues, and without someone to tell them there are resources to get treatment for their mental health it is doubtful they will seek medical
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