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Topic: The origin and history of barbecue, and what it means in Texas Organization: Topical Specific purpose: To inform my audience on where and how a very popular and liked type of food started. I. Introduction a. Attention getter: How do you like your barbecue? Beef, pork, chicken even? What about sauce? Hot, spicy, none? (Engage audience into answering) b. Relevance: Living in Texas, barbecue is a very popular type of food. However, it’s origin does reach beyond the southern United States. c. Credibility Statement: I chose BBQ because I’m not a Texas native, yet it is one of my favorite types of food. So I decided to research it and discovered that barbecue was not an American invention but rather something discovered around one million…show more content…
Different cultures cook their meat differently. Although it’s still considered barbecue by technical terms, their different techniques add different flavors. (Geiling, 2013) i. Some scholars say techniques for low heat and slow smoke roasting began in China where some early kitchens had special devices for smoking meats. Whereas in India, food has been cooked over coals in ceramic urns called tandoors for centuries, and in Japan the Kamado, another ceramic cooking urn has been around for about 3000 years. (Geiling, 2013) ii. Europeans have been painting pictures of barbecued pigs since around the 1500s. Also, 13th century castles still have elaborate clockwork rotisserie machines in them still to this day. England has long been a nation of beefeaters, and in the Middle Ages they were devoted to cooking over flame and cringed at roasting in an oven. The French’s written history on barbecue dates back to 1248. In fact, there’s a false origin story stating that the word “barbecue” comes from the French term “de la barbe, a la queue,” but most people speculate that it actually comes from the Spanish word “barbacoa.” (Goldwyn,

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