Homeless Youth Research Paper

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Homeless youth have been linked to criminal activity either as the perpetrator or the victim of all types of crime for several years as they are often seen as an easy target or vulnerable. However, the main problem is that 40% of all homeless youth in Canada have been victimized in one way or another (Gaetz. 2004). Moreover, this paper will discuss how homeless youth only have high levels of crime and victimization because they are socially excluded. Young people are forced out of their homes and have no guardianship. This makes them vulnerable to not only engaging in criminal activity but victimization as well. Moreover, because of social exclusion homeless youth are surrounded negativity and bad influences such as criminals, rapists and drug users. Also, being socially excluded as a homeless means they are given a lack of food, resources and other survival needs. Homeless youth need more attention in terms of funding in order for them to stay away from criminal activity and victimization.…show more content…
They have no parents, teachers or family members that can help them or look after them. They have no one to instruct them and punish them when they make horrible decisions. Poor decisions such as wandering the streets late at night and increasing their chances of victimization. For example, according to a study for the victimization of homeless youth on the streets revealed 23.7% were robbed, 25.9% were sexually assaulted, and 29.9% were assaulted with a weapon (Chau, 2006). Homeless youth are considered easy targets by offenders because they know homeless youth do not have anyone watching over

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