Iroquois Compare And Contrast Essay

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In the beginning of each story they both start out with saying how the earth was created and how many days it took as well as what order things were made. In the Iroquois story, the twins are kind of like Adam and Eve in the other story. These twins were right twin and left twin. The right twin was peaceful, creating hills, clouds, as well as flowers. But on the other hand the left twin was a more bitter type. The left twin made thunder, lightning,thornbushes, rose bushes, snakes and other animals in that nature. These twins were born from the first woman on the earth, there was no man yet when she was pregnant. As stated in the Judeo-Christian story there is the one special tree. In the Iroquois story the tree was not to be touched, but she…show more content…
The Judeo-christian creation story starts out with god creating light and darkness calling them day and night. He then moves to build the water, sky, land, moon, and all the stars in the sky. God then created the first two humans ever on earth. Their names were Adam and Eve. He placed them on the earth naked, because they had no shame, they thought it was completely normal. When God placed them on earth, he placed them in a garden with many fruits and other edible items. God had said not to eat anything from one specific tree, he also warned them that there is a serpent there that will try to trick them into eating the fruit off that tree. Adam and Eve lived well together on earth and did everything God had told them to do. One day Eve went up to the tree that wasn't supposed to be messed with. The serpent came out and tricked her into eating a fruit off the tree. When she realized then that her and Adam were naked, they both hid and felt shameful of their naked bodies. God then comes looking for them in the garden asking where they are, Adam and Eve both reply with “ we are hiding because we are naked and ashamed”. God had known that the serpent tricked Eve into eating a fruit from the tree and disobeying

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