Hockey Narrative

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Adrenaline floods my body as I step out onto the chopped ice. Stick in hand, I carve my way up the right wing attempting to intercept the oncoming puck. With twenty seconds remaining on the clock, I reach my stick out and pull the puck to my side. Pumping my strides with full force, I juke out the defense and make my way to my enemy's net. Eight seconds left, I look for a pocket, a way through the goaltender's pads into the net. The crowd roars as I draw my stick back and launch it forward with the accuracy of a sniper. From the point, the puck sinks in above the goaltender's right shoulder. The ecstatic crowd cheers as the buzzer rings through the arena. After every drop of blood, sweat, and tears, and after all of the rough hours spent pushing for this final moment, we were champions.…show more content…
I strive to excel, and I hunger to overcome these challenges. I consider myself to be a phlegmatic with choleric tendencies. Just as in a game of hockey, I remain calm and look for a window of opportunity, a moment to push through to victory. If I were to compare the aspects of hockey to my everyday life, I would acknowledge my future accomplishments as goals to be scored. A slapshot of the puck to the net would be the equivalent of the final push I exert to succeed in situations academically, socially, or mentally. As it goes down through, I would refer to my writing utensils as my hockey stick; I would affiliate my ample note taking and study time with my protective equipment. Raised with a tough situation in my family, I always looked up to my grandparents who once told me to count my blessings and take advantages of the opportunities given to you. I believe that those statements apply to both hockey, and academics. Move quickly, plan strategically, and execute with the outcome of success in and out of the
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