Las Madres De La Plaza De Mayo Essay

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Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo is a Latin American women’s social movement that exerted a considerable degree of militancy on the state as they demanded recognition of human rights. The military dictatorship that crippled Argentina as it ruled from 1976 to 1983 was dealt a decisive blow by Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, a movement that was driven by mostly women with no political experience, angered and rightly frustrated by the fact that many of their children had disappeared, obviously at the hands of a government that viewed them as subversive college-spirited activists. Despite the difficulty of converting political mobilization into institutional representation, from the time of the Carter Administration in the United States, Las Madres…show more content…
Despite their pain and suffering, they refused to fall into hopelessness and they found a reason to live in organizing vigorous protests for their disappeared children. Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo were extremely brave. Although their protests would expose their identities and that of their families to the government as well as open emotional wounds on a daily basis, these mothers made their presence known as effectively as they could. The successes behind these strategies has solidified Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo as a women’s social movement that changed society in the United States, helping to make women’s movements stronger today as American women learn the lessons of Las Madres de la Plaza de mayo; a women’s social movement could effectively leverage its power to achieve its goals by remaining focused on clearly stated objectives and taking the protest over novel issues affecting women to the government’s doorsteps defiantly and relentlessly. Because of Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, there was less timidity in the behavior of American women protesting for human rights. This timidity was swept away because of what the mothers in Argentina had done to dispel the notion that motherhood was not a credible trait for a protester. The voices of women have become so much louder since Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo fearlessly took on the state in

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