Personal Essay: Varsity Hockey For The First Time

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Im doing my essay on When I played varsity hockey for the first time. The first time that I stepped foot on the ice was in 4th grade, I still remember that moment, the cool breeze hitting my face while I stepped onto the Perham hockey rink. All the kids trying to stay on there feet while they skated for the first time, moms and dads trying to coach them from outside the rink. The coach would just keep telling us over and over again To not give up and just keep trying, and one day you will be able to play with the big kids in front of huge crowds. Every day I was getting better and better the coaches would keep pushing me more and More every practice, in 5th grade I started to play hockey for Wadena. The first time I stepped…show more content…
I played hockey In Wadena for two years, then I switched over to Detroit Lakes, The first step into Detroit Lakes arena Was when that my real hockey career started now. The day that I knew that I would be on varsity was in 10 grade when I was on first line JV And I would average a goal a game. The coaches would watch me more closely they would practice with me more And more so that I could reach the Goal of being on varsity. When my 10th grade year of hockey started to come to a end The coaches started to tell me that if I keep working hard that I will be on varsity for sure throughout the summer I kept working hard and kept trying to improve myself so that I could be on varsity my eleventh grade year. When eleventh grade and captains practice for hockey I knew I was ready, the coach told me that I was doing great and told me to keep going hard at captains practice. When the day of the scrimmages I knew that I was on the team I ended the day with a couple goals and assists, then the Coach had a meeting With me and told me that I was on the team. My eleventh grade year is almost half way done now, I've been skating with

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