Personal Narrative: Hockey Day Minnesota

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I was watching Hockey Day Minnesota inside a time share that our family friend had let us use. The irony of the outdoor weather didn’t hit me until I realized that it was an extreme Temperature and people were ice fishing. That moment was the first moment when I truly felt a little Minnesotan. My surroundings made me appreciate the event even more. I felt like I was celebrating the beautiful sport with the Minnesotans that loved it. Minnesotans love Hockey more than almost anything. The sport is part of their everyday life. No state shows their passion for the sport more than Minnesota. No North American event celebrates the sport more than Hockey Day Minnesota. Hockey Day Minnesota reminds me of a huge statewide all day block party. The…show more content…
The events decision to showcase multiple levels of the sport was brilliant. All levels of Minnesota Hockey are equal and the sport does an excellent job of showing it. Growing up in Minneapolis led to my discovery of what I call frozen lake Hockey . The traditional Midwest sports event is so popular it’s featured in Hockey Day Minnesota. Watching the adults zip around the ice made me smile. They looked so happy and you could tell that they grew up participating in this activity. Minnesotans love Hockey and they love celebrating the beautiful sport. The Minnesota Wild turned 10 a few years ago. The franchise celebrated with a patch on their sweater. Sports teams traditionally do something similar but the Wilds patch was different. It showcased how proud the franchise was to be from Minnesota. I also think it celebrated Hockey in Minnesota and why the locals love the sport so much. Minnesotans love Minnesotan hockey for multiple reasons. I’m basically a Minnesotan and I love it because it’s a beautiful celebration of the local culture. The best part is everyone participates. High School College and Professional Hockey attract participants every year. That feat alone is impressive but it’s not as impressive as when they come together as one big

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