Personal Narrative: The Springfield Express

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My heart was racing as I put on the last piece of my uniform. A dark blue jersey that had an interstate sign bearing the name: 417 Express. I made my way out of the foul smelling locker room and made my towards the rink. On my way through I saw players dressed up in the same outfit as I, the coaches and staff. I grabbed a used hockey stick that was leaning on one of the walls and stood in line. I was waiting. Waiting to join in a scrimmage game with the hockey team I work for. The problem was, I never played hockey before. I decided to join in because famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss all the shots you don’t take” This was a thrill I was willing to try. The Springfield Express are a semi-pro hockey team located in Springfield, Missouri. I joined the Springfield Express staff on October 10th, 2014. Immediately I developed relationships with fellow staff members and players. The staff supports all the work I do for the team, I receive free merchandise and the players let me hangout with them. Walking into Mediacom Ice Park, feeling the chill of the rink on my skin always puts me in a…show more content…
I’d miss passes, run into players and into the boards surrounding the ice. Eventually, after another break on the bench I got the hang of things. I began to know where to set up on plays and how to handle the puck. As the game went on, my legs grew heavy, my eyes stung from sweat and my mind would be racing. Do this, do that, break left, push this guy, don’t push that guy, he’d kill me. A lot to do in such quick time, a lot of effort given but so much excitement. Especially when my team set me up for a wide open shot that I made. I scored a goal! I was so stunned I forgot to stop skating and I ran into the goalie which we all laughed about. My teammates huddled around me and congratulated me. I skated back with them to the bench and I received high fives. It was a memory I’ll never

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