America Is The Home Of The Brave Essay

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There are so many aspects to living in America. There are days of joy involving the end of wars and the days when we know we are safe. There are days of sadness like 9/11 when we realize we are not invincible. The struggle in America is real, but it is still a place of comfort and opportunity. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but sometimes it does not live up to those standards. Our country is a country of contrast, there are always ups and downs but no matter what we are still Americans who love and stand for the United States of America. The emotions that are experienced in America are experienced together. America comes together as a family in times of pain and mourning. Whether it is a loss of innocence for a generation like the school shooting of Columbine or a day when we move forward as a country and forget the times in our past. As a country, we know when we…show more content…
That should be changed though not everyone is free or brave in America. In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech “the Four Freedoms” he said, “Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere”. People are owned by their jobs, their skin color, their race, the stereotypes about them. When people look at me they do not see the real me. I have had people tell me before that when they met me they thought I was the typical pretty popular mean girl, but they found out I was not that person at all. America would be an amazing place if we stopped looking at people and started getting to know people, then everyone could be free from whatever is holding them back. In Claude Mckay’s “America”, he said that “I love this cultured hell that tests my youth”. Everyone has experienced some type of discrimination whether it was someone judging them from their appearance or if someone would not let them sit in a seat on a bus. If everyone was free and brave, America would be a beautiful

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