Power In The Kite Runner

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The source of Amir’s power is his father,as his father is a wealthy and very well respected man in Kabul. Plus they are Pashtun so they are higher up in society, so they are naturally respected in the community. I believe Hassan did have power even though he didn’t know it. Since Hassan is Baba’s son too I think he had as much power, if not more than Amir because Baba would have done anything for him. If Baba had to pick between Amir and Hassan I believe that he would pick Hassan because Hassan reminds Baba of himself. Baba feels furtive about Hassan because he had an affair with Ali’s wife and they had Hassan. Ali’s wife was a Hazara and Baba is a pashtun but Hassan looks like a Hazara more than a pashtun. It is a plight that he looks like

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