Examples Of Racial Profiling In Law Enforcement

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Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement is putting hinders to many lives in communities across America.” Racial profiling" refers to the targeting of particular individuals by law enforcement authorities based not on their behavior, but rather their personal characteristics.” While the controversial term "racial profiling" which doesn't have a consistent definition, but in today's literature this seems to be two clear definitions, a narrow definition and abroad definition. In the lines of the narrow definition, whenever law enforcements stop, question, arrest , and/or search a pedestrian only because of their race or ethnicity. This definition is more occurring in critics and law-enforcement agencies when…show more content…
Some examples of a broader definition of racial profiling are:age (young), dress(baggy pants , hooded sweatshirt) , time of day(night) , geography (abrupt neighborhood) , race or ethnicity (Black or Hispanic) With this broader definition the officer uses race is a factor also with other factors that cause them to act on the suspicion. The origin profiling has been dated back to slavery days and has been a burden in history ever since. Law enforcement is relied on by citizens to help and protect their community, but instead it alienates communities from law enforcement, puts a community policing effort at risk, and cause the law enforcement to lose trustworthiness and credibility. The everyday struggle of beinging judged by law enforcement because of such an enviable and irrevocable matter has put a pivotal burden on our…show more content…
Suppose our society to drug dealing as a serious matter, the appropriate number of drug dealers are Blackman, but of course, plenty or not.so should we stop every black man for drug dealing? Of course is a horrendous Idea. You would need a more pacific reason for stopping a citizen of wrongdoing. Suppose the police watch a black man engages in the sneaky behaviors that most but not all drug dealers have but are also engaged in with innocent men. Is observational deduction is often called "behavioral profiling". Behavioral profiling, is by definition focuses on behaviors and not traits like race, has been found to be effective, at least in the case of counterterrorism (Silke,

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