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Books by Ellen Hopkins in Schools The author Ellen Hopkins writes stories about things in this world that most parents do not want their children exposed to, but the topics she writes about are true and really do happen. “Hiding your eyes won’t make them go away” (Hopkins). When teens read her stories they learn about these things and even learn ways to help prevent them from happening to themselves and others. Books by Ellen Hopkins are being banned in schools, and there are so many reasons why this should not happen. Her amazing stories should be available for all teens to read. Some people have similar situations as the characters in these stories and, for some, reading them has helped them know that they are not alone with their problems. Some lives have even been saved with these stories. A friend of mine was going through a lot and she started cutting herself. She told me she had even thought about suicide. At this time I was reading one of Hopkins’s books called Impulse. It’s about three teenagers who have failed attempts of suicide. The end up staying in the same mental hospital where their lives are changed forever. My friends situation resembled Vanessa, one of…show more content…
Some parents didn’t like this, so they talked to the school board and had her uninvited from the festival. This is not the only time she has been uninvited from things like this. Her uninvites and banning of books light up the blogosphere and social-network sites with people arguing over if it is right to do this or not. When this happens, Hopkins reaction is that those kids are missing out but they will now see censorship in a different way. One person,or even a few people, should not be able to control what everyone else is allowed to read or have access to. And as far as being uninvited from speaking arrangements, she says, “Banning authors isn’t the same as banning books, but the intent is the same” (Hopkins,

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