Jack The Ripper: The Most Famous Serial Killers In The World

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Jack the Ripper is one of the most infamous notorious serial killers in the world. In August to September of 1888, he harassed the Whitechapel district in London’s East End. What was Whitechapel district in London’s east end one may say? It is believed to be where all the criminals were populated. Many people living in London’s East End at the time were very poor. They would seek shelter every night, but that didn’t mean they were going to get a bed to sleep on; that meant people would have to sleep standing up in a room next to maybe hundreds of people because they couldn’t afford the beds. Women only had a select few a career opportunities. They would run a small business to just be able to afford a bed or they would turn to prostitution.…show more content…
A little background about Jacob Levy was that he was born into the butchery business that his father Joseph Levy was a part of. He is the son of Joseph and Caroline and was born in 1856 in Aldgate. His family resided on Middlesex Street as well. What was interesting about that was “by 1888 he was living in Middlesex Street with his wife and children, which was right in the heart of Ripper territory” close to where the Ripper murders happened (Saucy Jacky: A Ripper Of A Site, 2010). What many people don’t know about Jacob is that he has a vast history of violence, criminal behavior, and being mentally unstable. So Levy was “sentenced to 12 months prison for stealing meat from another butcher” but was sent to an asylum instead (Saucy Jacky: A Ripper Of A Site, 2010). During the time he was admitted into the asylum, his wife claimed Jacob had “almost ruined her business” and feels like if he isn’t “restrained he will do some violence to someone” (Saucy Jacky: A Ripper Of A Site, 2010). So from what I said earlier about Jacob was that he was very violent. From the quote from his wife Sarah explains that very well, he would have to be restrained because at times he could be very dangerous. Jacob also didn’t sleep at night and was a night wanderer as well. Then later on “In August 1890, Jacob was admitted to the City of London Lunatic asylum as an insane person” (Saucy Jacky: A Ripper Of A Site, 2010). The reason…show more content…
Suspect number two is a bit different from the rest of the suspects because she is a girl. Jill the Ripper was labeled as a mad midwife. Many believe that Jill the Ripper could’ve been Jack because many people ignored the possibility of the killer being a girl. The girl Mary Pearcey had a working knowledge of the human anatomy because first in foremost she was a lady herself. In Dane Ladwigs blog about Jill the Ripper he believes “the murders appear to be with the precision of an individual who has the knowledge of a medical surgeon, unlike what you would find in an atlas of the human anatomy” (THE CASE OF "JILL" THE RIPPER: THE VERDICT IS IN!, 2013). Only people who are medically certified and trained to make incisions on bodies know where to mutilate a body for medical purposes. But the level of precision it took to mutilate those five women that were murdered took a lot of skill. Many speculate that Jill the Ripper only went after her lovers family and friends as to Jack the Ripper going after the prostitutes who made a living in Whitechapel because everyone was poor. Other factors that could’ve labeled her as Jack the Ripper are people allowing her to walk the streets at night without having a fear of being captured, also she could be seen at all hours of the night and any clothing would be discarded immediately after her work would be finished. So it’s a strong possibility that Jill the Ripper could be Jack the

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