Robert, Franklin, Stroud And The Birdman Of Alcatraz

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Alcatraz is a prison that was located on an island near San Francisco, America at the time 1934. Alcatraz was a very strong place for isolating criminals, which most citizens want. Alcatraz, the harshest prison in America’s history is a very infamous prison for it’s great security, prisoners and its severe escape attempts. Alcatraz is well known for its great security and the ways it uses to prevent prisoners from escaping. Alcatraz was the top prison to the government, if a prisoner from another prison had tried to run away or had crossed the laws, he was sent to Alcatraz. The prison had been built by hard metal steel that was strong to keep citizens locked up (National). However some prisoners were very genius. Using their intelligence…show more content…
The road stretches into the dim future, far beyond the possible accomplishment of any single lifetime but if in this I have been able to point the direction and inspire others to carry on from the point where I have left off, I shall consider my efforts worthwhile.” Robert, Franklin, Stroud (The Birdman of Alcatraz) The Birdman said that he had lost his goal and what he works on now is just a small portion of it. The Birdman said that he had a bad past and a dark future that is staying in Alcatraz for a long period of time. He had the power to make others be in love with his writing work, and that is where Robert Stroud will leave his work till others continue his progress. Robert Franklin Stroud had an awful life. At age 13, he secretly ran away from his hometown. At age 18, for the first time, he had murdered a guy for a girl. The Birdman had been sent to jail, but in jail he had stabbed a prisoner, which caused Stroud to get in bad trouble (Encyclopedia). Robert Stroud was a dangerous prisoner for his murdering and stabbing commits. Robert Stroud had been an extreme dangerous prisoner, unlike before for his second murder commit. The Birdman had murdered a guard by…show more content…
Not only that, but Arthur got shot in the skull and lost his life (National). Frank Morris and his team were the most intelligent people. This group was able to pass Alcatraz’s security great security. Frank Morris was very specific. He made sure that everything was going right. Frank Morris had made fake dummies by using paint, soap, toilet paper and hair (Morelle). At the night of the escape, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers had to leave West. So they climbed up in the plumbing that was 100 feet high, leaving the dummy heads on their beds to fool the guards. From that point, the guards did not know what happened. However, at the end they knew the rest because West had revealed their secret of how they will continue. He revealed their secrets for leaving him in jail alone. Based on West, he said that they used a raft made by jackets glued together and when they arrived, they would buy a new pair of clothes to be disguised. However, they were not seen and considered unknown (Ocean). Many Hypotheses said that they had drowned like Rebecca Morelle because of the freezing water (Morelle) and Dr. Hut said

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