Charter Schools Vs Traditional Public Schools

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Are Charters a superior Alternative to Traditional Public Schools? Charter schools are defined as independent public schools that operate independently of the district board of education while traditional public schools are run by the school district. As the years have progressed charters have become more popular because people believe that they are more child-centered and provide more educational choices for the children. People who oppose charter schools are against them because of various reasons such as: corrupt boards, segregation within the schools, etc.. Charter schools are said to give families opportunities to pick the school most suitable for their child the question. Families and the public are now more than ever expressing opinions…show more content…
Aside from this fact the other characteristics of the schools are drastically different from each other. According to PBS, Charter schools are held more accountable for educating students and judged on how well they achieve the different academic goals set by the charter, if the schools fail to meet the standards they are closed. Traditional public schools are trying to achieve the benchmarks set by the state and usually aren’t closed after a certain period. In the United States, traditional public schools are started and run by the school boards within the district. PBS states that charter schools can be started by, “Parents, teachers, community groups, organizations, or individuals interested in creating additional education opportunities.” Joann of Zerys Network informs that, the schools are run differently as well with public schools having to answer to school officials while charter schools do not. Finally, charter schools don’t have the rules and regulations that traditional public schools have. Understanding some of the key differences between public and charter schools can be essential in determining whether charters are superior or if the quality of the schools is the…show more content…
Research is there and the facts on both types of schools are there, from which parents have developed their own opinions. Parents4public schools gathered parents of school-aged children both proponents and opponents of charters and they got together to explain why they did or didn’t believe that charters were superior to traditional public schools. Proponents of traditional public schools believe that, “ to give children the best education possible, the educational resources and energy available should be put into improving the existing schools and systems. They also asserted that, the rules that public schools are trying to stray away from are the very rules that are designed to promote equality and ensure all children receive an equal

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