How Does Pip Change Throughout The Novel

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reat Expectations follows Pip's life expectations as he attempts to fit in with upper class society, while pining for the affection of Estella. Source: Dickens, Charles. (1861). Great Expectations. London; Chapman and Hall. CHAPTER 1 Young "Pip" encounters a stranger in the village churchyard. CHAPTER 2 Frightened, Pip agrees to help the stranger. CHAPTER 3 Pip encounters another stranger as he heads back to the marsh. CHAPTER 4 Pip experiences guilt for the incident in the marsh, but continues to help the stranger. CHAPTER 5 The Police show up at Pips house seeking assistance from Joe. Pip begins to feel a sense of loyalty to the convict. The convicts are discovered together, and Pip is shielded from blame. CHAPTER 6 Pip returns to dinner but continues to feel a sense of guilt.…show more content…
Pip is affected by Miss Havisham's daughter, Estella. CHAPTER 9 Pip is less than honest with Joe about his experiences at the Havisham manor. CHAPTER 10 Pip encounters a mysterious strange in possession of a familiar object. CHAPTER 11 Pip returns to Satis House. CHAPTER 12 Pip's continued visits to Satis House create a distance between himself and Joe. Pip is devastated by Miss Havisham's decision. CHAPTER 13 Joe visits Satis House to finish Pip's papers. Pip is angry at the current turn of events. CHAPTER 14 Pip works diligently for Joe at the forge, but continually longs to return to Satis House. CHAPTER 15 Joe defends Mrs. Joe's honor by fighting Orlick. Miss Joe is attacked. CHAPTER 16 Pip begins to suspect Orlick in the attack on his sister. CHAPTER 17 Biddy and Pip become closer. Biddy gives Pip a warning. CHAPTER 18 Pip is given good news by the lawyer Jaggers. CHAPTER 19 Pip prepares to leave for London feeling guilty about his behavior. CHAPTER 20 Pip and Jaggers travel to London. CHAPTER 21 Pip is introduced to Herbert Pocket, but realizes they have met before. CHAPTER 22 Herbert tells Pip the story of Miss Havisham. CHAPTER

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