Donaldson Family Foods

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1) This organization is running on a classical approach where the company is controlled by top down management style and the decision are being made by SMART which basically will make all the decisions throughout the organization. It’s also running on a human relation base on consultative organization where all decisions are still made at the top upper levels of the hierarchy. Before the decision are made, employees are consulted and their views are taken into consideration. 2) I understand that your decision coming to the Donaldson Family Foods was not your first choice. You were lured by the president of the company through promises that could help you career move and you were promised that this organization is an innovative fast…show more content…
They operate by a no “rush attitude” toward work and production so any ideas that you might have will be ignored or shut down by SMART. Even though you were promised “without a lot of inference from management” by the president but I do believe this company is also running by a classical style which is all the decisions and projects of this company must go through upper management and must be approved by them. There is also lack of human resource in this organization because there are many intelligent individual in this company such as Tom who was promised the same promotion as you but because of their lack of human resources they failed to use his idea to maximize the productivity of the organization through the intelligent use of human resources. As you can see this lack of communication has cause a huge problem about meeting the deadline to have the product ready for “picnic season”. There are also lacks of nonverbal and verbal communication at the company. The CEO has broken his promises and went the other way what they actually does. What he said during the interview was a lie and it does not fit you in this organization and they have improved that by saying your project is sitting in the “black hole” waiting for management approval. Jeff Donaldson told you that you’re the type of person he wants you on this team and he wants “energetic and creative people with ideas for innovation” but I don’t think that’s what he exactly want. He did not want innovative people on join and create ideas for new project and I think if he doesn’t want a employee such as smart as you he should have told you in the first place and not waste your time and energy. Despite how this organization is a family organization and they do not fire people and give them plenty of time to perform work but I believe this company is still a classical management where

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