Khatib & Alami Case Study

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Khatib & Alami (K&A), a consolidated engineering company, which started as a small office in Lebanon in 1959 to 32 worldwide offices up to the present day. what kept it successful up to this day are the 3 main professional strategies; " A win- win Transformation", "Geared for Growth", and " Focused on Performance". Such strategic actions are usually kept hidden from the employees by the top-level executives in the firm to protect its credibility and performance against other competitive firms. Examples of hidden strategies are resources, evaluations and increments, and personal confidentiality. However, when hiding certain strategic actions, it will help the company to grow and expand successfully; therefore, will gain the customer's trust and request for interaction. Likewise, there are four mechanisms for K&A to not only…show more content…
As for the "win-win transformation", it is when the firm always renovates itself occasionally with the purpose to enhance the performance of its employees by all means; as well as the "offerings and services" to their own customers. Furthermore, the company is "Geared for Growth" by setting new working models and uniting with all their workers in all of their sectors locally and internationally to reach their utmost goals by giving them raises and rewards. As a result, their performance will achieve the ideal level of efficiency by presenting the best to their customers, therefore, gaining their trust and satisfaction in return. To end with " Focused on performance", is implementing a "Transformation Program" where it concentrates on organizing and presenting several goals by executing an effort in order to expand their facilities sufficiently to give their customers the benefits they

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